Limitations and known issues

Most bugs reported will be fixed quickly during the next update. There are sadly some exceptions which can’t be fixed easily. This is often the case if the bug or problem is located in Unity, Mono, WebRTC or a combination of them.

  • Unity Android: Starting a voice call on Android switches the phone into a mode similar to a normal phone call this can cause several issues
    • By default the speaker mode will be inactive meaning the audio volume will be on a level to require you to hold the phone onto your ear. Speaker mode can be activated (see callapp for an example)
    • Speaker mode can have a low audio quality depending on your phone.
    • Replay of all unity sounds during the call are also effected by these issues
    • There is no fix or no workaround for this so far
  • Unity iOS: device will switch in a special phone call mode during a voice call (similar to android above)
    • Audio needs to be switched into Speaker mode for full audio. This should work well for all versions starting V0.982

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