WebRTC Network & WebRTC Video Chat

Simple well defined network API & media API to access WebRTC functionality via Unity



Terraphysics is a terrainbuilder/ random terrain generator based on a physics simulation using DirectX11 and SSE for maximum speed and efficiency.


Gorge(©Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dr. sc. nat Klaus Peter Jantke) is a round based board game I developed at the Fraunhofer IDMT for an internship and afterwards as a research assistant. The game contains up to 4 teams, with four robots on each team. The team can be controlled by a player or by an artificial intelligence that can be configured in detail. Thus, the player can create very aggressive opponents that actively disturb the other players or more peaceful and passive opponents. The game is mainly created for children to find out which kind of opponent they prefer, but also serves to answer many different research questions.
The development was interesting from a technical perspective as well. In the first few months I created a Silverlight Version with C# with isometric graphics. In my work as a research assistant this version was ported to Unity3D. Even when Silverlight used a slightly different API than the normal .NET API, most of the code could be reused. For different parts of the API such as timers, it was easy to create wrappers so that both versions could rely on the same code base.




Here are some other projects created during my studies or just for fun in my free time.


Testank is a new kind of arcade game combining simple game play inspired by old school games like Asteroids with new features such as real-time online multiplayer, player ranking and an unique artificial intelligence.

The opponents AI is based on neuronal networks that are created by an evolutionary learning algorithm. The more people play the better the AI becomes. An automated ranking system sorts the AI from worst to best and thus always creates new opponents to compete with.

While TesTank has been discontinued its network library lives on as the base of WebRTC Network & Video Chat

Unity / WebGL wave simulation

A web application that uses the GPU only to run a wave simulation based on the Finite-difference time-domain method. It could be used to simulate either waves in water or electromagnetic waves.

The user can create waves and build barriers that either absorb or reflect wave. This makes it to an ideal tool to learn and discover more about wave properties.

Party Platform

This project allows developers to build multiplayer games that are using the players smartphone as a customization controller. A node.js server + socket.io is used to relay commands and game states between the viewer and the players smartphones.

platform1 platform2

Wave simulation in firefox:


Swarm AI:


University project: Fishing game


Physx particle fluid simulation + interaction via kinect:


3D reconstruction using Kinect