0.981 is ready

Here is the changelog:

  • Documentation updated. Please visit https://www.because-why-not.com/webrtc to find out more
  • Tutorials for signaling server & stun/turn server setup added: https://www.because-why-not.com/webrtc/tutorials-server-side/
  • ICall received new methods to send String & byte[] to one or multiple users using UDP or TCP style channels
  • Android video has been further optimized (full native camera access will come soon)
  • CallApp has a new configuration button allowing users to change resolution and other settings
  • CallApp shows now additional information if the image is clicked once
  • CallApp will now save the last settings (based on the name if its GameObject to still allow multiple instances in one application)
  • extra folder added. These are additional features requested by users and can be used at your own risk.
  • extra VideoInput added. It can be used to stream custom images or from a Unity camera
  • mobile devices won’t switch off screen any more of CallApp is used
  • extra OneToMany added. It is an example how to use the IMediaInterface to stream to multiple recives.
  • extra VideoConference added. An example how to create conference calls using ICall interface.
  • example folder added. It contains several minimal examples to help new users.
    See more here:https://www.because-why-not.com/webrtc/examples/
  • mac native libraries uses proper bundle format now
  • iOS workaround added. If a phone call ends Unity will turn off sound for all AudioSources. IosHelper.UnitySetAudioSessionActive can be called after the call ended to switch
    the Audio back into the correct mode. All AudioSources need to be restarted after it.
  • signaling server contains now a webserver to make testing and use of https://letsencrypt.org/ easier

Note that new features mentioned as “extra” might not work on all platforms and will only receive limited support for now.

The focus of the next few updates will be on updating the code to keep up with recent changes in WebRTC, improving the performance and  general bugfixing, especially for the mobile versions.

If you find any problems please send an email to contact@because-why-not.com with a description of the problem + an example project that can reproduce the problem. Ideally, use the new minimal examples as base to reproduce any errors.


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