iOS 14 issue

Update: This is now part of the latest asset store release and no manual changes are needed.

There is a new issue for iOS 14 under following conditions:

  • Your app is designed for iOS & distributed publicly
  • Your app is sending audio (accessing the microphone)
  • Your app will stop calls during its lifetime but continue running for a longer time

In this case iOS might continue showing the microphone indicator light. This is due to an earlier iOS 13 hotfix to workaround a bug with older Unity versions that could cause a crash or audio to stop working if the audio layer is being shut down. By now the latest Unity 2018 LTS & Unity 2019 LTS version do not have this issue anymore.

You can deactivate the workaround by editing the UnityCallFactory.cs and replace the line




All future versions of the asset will contain this as well.


V0.9845 is now available in the asset store containing several bugfixes.


  • Unity 2018.4.22f1
  • WebGL: fix for Chrome 81 issues. Chrome 81 returns an invalid device ID if the user didn’t allow camera access yet. This could result in an overconstrained error
  • WebGL: fixed issue that could cause some users not to disconnect correctly  for conference calls
  • Native: fixed an issue that can cause a connection to fail randomly even on a stable network
  • Android: fixed an issue that could cause a crash randomly if the call is shutting down while the local camera was active
  • Android: fixed an issue that could cause a delay in remote video playback
  • iOS: Improved build pipeline to better support several Unity versions & better error messages
  • Mac: signed & notarised + updated Info.plist for app store releases
  • Cleanup log output
  • Example apps are updated to use EnsureInit to allow them to run in WebGL without changes
  • CallApp: the app will now keep the chat panel open if the call ends
  • CallApp: fixed an issue that could make it difficult to shut down the app if the rejoin option is active & the system is offline

Patch for V0.9844 ready / new V0.9845

This fixes the following issues:

  • Issues with camera access in Chrome 81. Chrome won’t return a list of video devices anymore until the user allows Camera access first. The list of video devices will now be available after the first call to ICall.Configure or IMediaNetwork.Configure and after the user pressed “Allow”
  • Fix for some connections failing even with a stable network
  • Android video delay issues on some devices

Download here Link removed. Please use the latest release from the asset store

Note that this is a nightly build and the mac version isn’t signed / notarised yet. The complete V0.9845 update will be released in the next few days.

win x86 hotfix V0.9843

The asset version has been updated to V0.9843. This version contains a rebuilt WebRTC binary for the windows 32 bit version . An apparent compiler bug could cause crashes during encoding of video frames in VP8 if the CPU supported AVX. Win 64 bit and other platforms were not effected.

As there were no other changes the returned version by the asset remains at V0.9841.

iOS13 hotfix

V0.9842 has been released with a hotfix for iOS13.

In iOS 13 the local video can fail to show up / being sent. The new iOS version changed the video format by adding a padding at the end of each row of pixels causing a 1280×720 image to be 1280×768 in memory. The new hotfix will remove this padding and make sure the C# side remains compatible to all earlier versions.

You can already get the new version in the Download Area while the asset store release is waiting for approval from Unity.

Update: The hotfix has now arrived in the asset store. Note that the unity asset version will be “V0.9842” but the log output will still return “V0.9841”

V0.9841 released

V0.9841 contains several bugfixes for Windows & Android and restores compatibility to Unity 2017. See changelog for detailed information.

All versions starting with “V0.984” will be backwards compatible and won’t include any breaking changes. Update as early as possible to always have the most stable version.