• Update to WebRTC 120
  • Mac: MacOSX min version is now 10.15
  • iOS: Rebuild with iOS SDK 17.2
  • Android: Rebuild with Android NDK 25 and SDK 34
  • Android: minSdkVersion is now 21 for all architectures
  • Changed setup of the native logger to ensure any errors during init are printed by default
  • WebGL: Added BrowserMediaConfig to give access to more WebGL specific features. See folder scripts/browser
  • WebGL: Selection of an input device is now in testing. Set it by using BrowserMediaConfig.AudioInputDevice and
    (UnityCallFactory.Instance.InternalFactory as Byn.Awrtc.Browser.BrowserCallFactory).GetAudioInputDevices().\
  •  WebGL: Audio is now processed via the Web Audio API allowing audio processing within the Java Script plugin
  • WebGL: Basic support for spatial audio via panning added via new method BrowserWebRtcCall.SetVolumePan
  • WebGL: Improved autoplay block resolution. If a browser blocks audio play it will be resolved once the user interacts
    with the unity Canvas. iOS Safari might block autoplay until several touch interactions are received.

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