V0.98 about to be released & server changes

Version 0.98 of WebRTC Video Chat is now awaiting Unity’s approval and will be released soon.

Here is the change log:

  • 0.98 – iOS support (arm + arm64). Please check the readme.txt for how to build it.
  • Removed log messages / errors appearing with Unity 2017.2
  • C++ side was rewritten entirely replacing all callbacks with a polling based system
  • Using the debugger in Unity should work better now
  • Video Frames will now be automatically dropped if the Update method isn’t called quickly enough (e.g. during a FPS drop)
  • IMediaNetwork is now supported and can be created using UnityCallFactory.Instance.CreateMediaNetwork
    It works similar to WebRTC Network’s IBasicNetwork interface but adds audio and video to make broadcasting to
    audio / video to multiple users easier
  • UnityCallFactory.SetLoudspeakerStatus / GetLoudspeakerStatus added. Mobile devices treat WebRTC calls like regular phone calls
    requring the speakers to be manually turned on.
  • WebGL version was adapted to recent changes in Chrome. The CallEnded event should now be triggered during disconnects due to network failure
  • CallApp was improved to better support mobile platforms + a new button was added to change SetLoudspeakerStatus
  • Numerous smaller bugfixes and changes based on user reports received in the past few months

There were also a lot of internal changes that make the way free for some new features that will be released within the next few weeks  as part of the 0.98x versions!

Please note that the servers will change with  the update and the old servers will be shutdown within the next few weeks! There might also be some downtime for this website within the next few days!

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