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WebRTC Network / Video Chat Version 0.975 Released

Here is the change log:

  • Works with Unity 5.6 WebGL now
  • Update to WebRTC 56
  • WebGL and native ICall and IMediaInterface supports now new methods: SetVolume, HasVideoTrack, HasAudioTrack
  •  Android x86 is now supported
  • Updated AndroidHelper.cs. It now includes functions to change volume or switch to IN_COMMUNICATION mode
    (to allow the user to change the volume via the volume keys)

Unity 5.6 WebGL Bugfix

Update: Version 0.975 resolves this issue. 

Unity 5.6 introduces a new bug by changing the communication between an Unity App and the surrounding website. This will cause problems while loading the java script code of the plugin.

For now the problem can be avoided by using templates which include the java script code before the unity app is started. Simply import the unitypackage files and select the WebGL templates via the WebGL Player settings. You can find the needed files here: WebRTC Network ,  WebRTC Video Chat template.

You can find more information about Unity WebGL templates here (not yet fully up-to-date).

Version 0.974 Released

Version 0.974 of WebRTC Video Chat and WebRTC Network is now available in the Unity Asset Store.

Major changes:

  • Full Stun / Turn support for all platforms
  • Android version is now an optimized build
  • native VideoChat applications support now echo-cancellation (see ChatApp.cs)
  • Improved logging

Additionally, there have been a lot of small bugfixes and improvements in the documentation / sample applications.

I also have a few new sample applications to test new features. Please send an e-mail if you want to help testing!

Current test applications:

  • Video conferences – changes the ICall interface to automatically create n to n connections between all users that use StartServer with the same address
  • One to Many streaming – using a more low level interface allowing 1 to n connections or the creation of your own custom Video Conference tool. (The ICall interface builds on top of this)
  • Custom Video Streams – allows streaming of raw images
  • Raw Audio – allows receiving of raw PCM Audio from WebRTC (instead of automatically replaying it)

Version 0.972 Released

Version 0.972 is available in the Asset Store now.

Edit: Due to many emails I get: Mac doesn’t support sending video yet. Android doesn’t support receiving / sending video in the current version. I am working on it! Browser + Windows should work fine.

New Version 0.971 is ready!

The new Version 0.971 is now available in the Asset Store! It comes with a few bug fixes, easier configuration via the Unity Editor and the first test versions for Mac and Android support!

Note that Mozilla stun server is currently unavailable. If you have any connection problems through firewalls use “″ instead! I will provide an own stun server for testing soon to avoid those problems in the future.

New unity asset released!

My new unity assets were finally released and a new version is awaiting approval!

WebRTC Network was downloaded many times in the past already and received now support for Googles native WebRTC API! It can now run on Windows  and browsers using the exact same interface. Even connections between different platforms are possible.  It will receive new updates in the next few weeks addition support for Mac and mobile platforms!

My newest asset is WebRTC Video Chat. Building on top of the network version it allows audio and video streaming in addition to sending text messages.

Checkout the pages for WebRTC Network and WebRTC Video Chat for more information and test the sample applications!


First working version of Flowave. A multipurpose wave simulation + physics learning tool. It uses the GPU via OpenGL/Unity and thus can run on pretty much all platforms including WebGL/HTML5!

You can try the first version here: flowave


A new game is finished and this time I will actually publish it!

Testank is a new kind of arcade game combining simple game play inspired by old school games like Asteroids with new features such as real-time multiplayer, player ranking and unique artificial intelligence controlled fish.

You play a catfish that needs to gather food to gain points while avoiding obstacles and fighting competitors. Sounds simple? Give it a try!

You only need the mouse in order to play:
Left Mouse Button – Swimming towards the mouse cursor
Right Mouse Button – Special attack (this can differ depending on the food you have gathered)

You can play it on gamejolt and soon on this website as well!